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Our Company

NutraLab Canada is a leading Canadian contract manufacturer for private label and custom formula natural health and vitamin supplement products. Backed by over 20 years of experience, NutraLab has quickly grown into one of Canada’s premier custom natural health supplement manufacturers. Throughout the years, we have produced many of the market’s leading nutraceutical, herbal, and vitamin supplement brands. In the highly competitive natural health marketplace, our products are expertly designed, formulated, and produced to succeed.

NutraLab is headquartered in a newly renovated, pharmaceutically designed plant with fully GMP-compliant infrastructure, including HEPA air purification and a reverse osmosis water filtration system. All manufacturing, packaging, and warehousing facilities are designed according to the most update FDA and Health Canada GMP requirements. Advanced in-house testing facilities include a state-of-the-art analytical lab capable of microbiology testing, chemical analysis for heavy metals, and tests for impurities, pesticides, and potency.

NutraLab treats each new opportunity as a chance to create a partnership, where we strive to help our customers develop and produce both pre-registered and original formulas. Our professional team of scientists, laboratory technicians, purchasing team, graphic designers and customer relationship executives work together to produce innovative natural health supplement products with the highest quality ingredients and formulas to meet regulatory requirements and label claims.

Founded, grown and operated in Canada for over 20 years as part of the Honson Pharmatech Group of companies, NutraLab has proven itself time and again to be one of North American’s leading natural health supplement contract manufacturers. NutraLab is currently capable of advanced manufacturing and packaging for multiple dosage forms, including softgels, tablets, capsules, liquids, and powders. Packaging options include label design, small batch label printing, bottling, cartoning, blister packing, and new powder sachet packaging, great for single servings and sports nutrition products.

Founder & Strength

Founder and CEO Dr. Peter Ou obtained his Ph.D. in Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology from the University of London (UCL) in the UK. As a pharmaceutical and medical scientist, Dr. Ou’s interests and passions led him to found NutraLab Canada Corp., focusing first in raw ingredients procurement in 1995 and growing over the years into a private label natural health supplements contract manufacturer specializing in R&D product development for private label brands. Throughout the years, Dr. Ou has led the NutraLab scientific team to creatively collaborate with numerous local and global clients to launch and define successful brands and formulas worldwide.

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Team of Specialists

With the same care and consideration we put into sourcing our raw ingredients and creating our formulas, NutraLab has put together a unique team of specialists. NutraLab’s peerless team of scientists and laboratory technicians has many years of experience in research & development, formulation, laboratory testing, regulatory, quality control and assurance to produce the highest quality natural health products to meet our client’s vision.

Advantage & Forte

Quality raw materials and ingredients are the most important part of a quality natural health supplement product. There are a number of factors to take into account when determining the quality of raw materials, from its source, specification, formulation, analytical results, and potency.

As a company that started out more than 20 years ago in raw materials sourcing and supplying, NutraLab is uniquely positioned to actively guarantee the quality of its ingredients used in manufacturing. Continuous active sourcing and strong partnerships with certified growers and suppliers ensure the ability to source only the best, even for hard-to-find, specialized ingredients.

NutraLab is the answer to the need for a natural health supplements manufacturer that can guarantee the quality of all ingredient sources and offer one-stop-shop sourcing, product development, manufacturing and packaging to drastically reduce costs, processes and lead times for our clients. Fully in-house production for all dosage forms including tablets, capsules, softgels, syrups, liquids, and powders ensure the most efficient and cost-effective operations, for a truly one-stop manufacturing partner.

In addition, NutraLab’s in-house regulatory consultants will guide all clients through formulations and labeling requirements for local and international regulations and submissions. Every detail of our clients’ projects are reviewed and dealt with the utmost detail and efficiency, so clients can go to market with true peace of mind.

Nowadays, strong quality demands and ever challenging regulatory environments mean that the ideal natural health supplements contract manufacturer should have expert professional knowledge and R&D experience in addition to innovative technologies. At NutraLab, we are committed to being at the forefront of natural health product manufacturing, and we are your first choice for a strong and reliable manufacturing provider.

Our Mission

NutraLab’s mission is to build and strengthen mutually beneficial partnerships with our clients, by utilizing the highest quality ingredients, innovative technologies and formulations, great lead times, and competitive pricing for the best possible private label natural health supplement. Our client’s product brand success is our success.

Our vision

Our vision is to be the first and foremost trusted private label contract manufacturer for natural health supplements. We aim to lead the industry with innovative technologies and one-stop solutions for manufacturing, creative packaging, and exceptional customer service.


Innovation is top priority when helping our partners launch new products or grow existing brands to stay a leader in the marketplace.


We aim to exceed our industry and customer standards through quality, transparency and confidentiality.


True strength and growth comes from collaborative partnerships and having mutual respect to bring out the best outcomes for all involved.


Our raw ingredients are the key towards improved health for our clients and their end users. We are committed to manufacturing and packaging only the highest quality natural products in our facilities.


By conducting all processes in-house, including raw materials sourcing, full dosage manufacturing and packaging, in-house testing, design and marketing services, and regulatory support, NutraLab offers a cost-effective one-stop solution to all clients.